About Me


In my life, I have had the joy of calling a number of wonderful places home. I was born in southern West Virginia, grew up near Ann Arbor in Michigan, lived for more than a dozen years in and around Boston, Massachusetts, and now I reside in Brooklyn, New York. Places are important to me – as are the people who live there. I carry each of these homes inside of me wherever I go.

I am deeply grateful to my parents who encouraged me to cultivate interests in a wide range of areas. Following in their footsteps, I have a life-long love of Art and History – and, also like them, I have a passion for teaching. Nothing gives me greater joy than to companion with other people as they discover their talents and interests and develop these to bring their lives to fullness.

This website is a small window that gives a glimpse of my life and work.

Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to have a look around.

Glen Alton Messer, II
Brooklyn, New York